Monday, December 02, 2013

Greetings internet world...
It's been a while since I've written.  Honestly, sitting at my computer after a day and trying to write something coherent usually seems quite unappealing.  However, perhaps I'll kick it up a notch again.  Perhaps.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And then I sat there and laughed.

Let me take you back to my life about 47 minutes ago.
I was in our Grade 1 classroom, sitting between two little girls who were taking their time finishing up their writing.  Since it is the beginning of the year, these little ones are very much in the early stages of learning to read and write.  However, this little writing activity was still taking far longer than I had expected.

So...I sat there, helping them come up with their ideas for writing.
And then I slightly zoned out...because there was so much random noise going.

Over to my left one little boy was hitting his metal water bottle with his ruler.
One of the girls was singing 'I like to move it, move it', in a strange low voice.
Another girl was humming away at a high frequency.
One little boy was bouncing his pencil loudly on his desk.
If only it were all to the same beat, it might have been musical bliss.
Nonetheless, I sat there for a few moments and gazed around at the chaos.
And then I sat there and laughed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

What Do Human Beings Need To Survive? 

- A Seven-Year Olds' Perspective - 

Perhaps with school ending in a few days (*fist pump*), my posts will revert back to my own personal thoughts rather than comical stories from the classroom.  Or perhaps not.  But until then, here's one more...

We were discussing the differences between 'needs' and 'wants' of human beings.  The students were giving great examples of things they might want, and then we began making a list of the basic needs that all human beings need to survive.  

The answers we were shooting for were: air, water, food, clothing, shelter and space.

At this point once all these were written on the board, I felt like our list was complete and we could move on.  Then another hand shot up.

boy hand up"Human beings need God."

Alright, I momentarily freeze as I begin processing how to proceed with such an answer, so...yes, according to my perspective and this 7 year old child, I would definitely agree with his statement. However, we are in a public school so this is a bit of a tender issue.

My response... " we really need God or want God?"

I remember mentally shaking my head as I asked this question...duh - dumb question, of course human beings 'need' God, but technically I was just looking for the 6 things on our list that fit into the curriculum, and God wasn't on there.

His response, "We NEED God."

I stand corrected.  While this particular student would not be one that I would put into the 'Christian' category due to his daily antics, I am thankful for little moments like this when such tidbits of truth sneak their way into life.

To sum up, human beings actually need seven things to survive, and God is number one.